August Tastemaker 10 Revealed!

New Beatport chart from Jondi & Spesh right here.

And here’s the full track list from the Loöq Radio podcast:

Loöq Radio August 2014 Track List

01 Jose Vizcaino – Lost in Beats – Original Mix – [Loöq Records]
02 PeterBar – MIA – Original Mix – [Brown Eyed Boyz]
03 Ugur Project – Catchin’ That Groove – Original Mix – [Cyanide]
04 Jose Vizcaino – Circles – Original Mix – [Loöq Records]
05 Stelios Vassiloudis & One Of Them – Back & Forth – Luis Junior Remix – [Tulipa Recordings]
06 Jose Vizcaino – Trading Vibes – Original Mix – [Loöq Records]
07 La Rose – 26 – Ivan Garci Remix – [Sound Vessel Records]
08 Ernest Luminor – Streetz – Pako & Frederik Remix – [Pure Substance]
09 Hair Band Drop-Out – Melodic Seeds – Zero The Hero’s Dub Mix – [Red Ant Records]
10 Marc Marzenit – Fictional Crossover – Original Mix – [Bedrock Records]

Jondi & Spesh “Church”

J.D. Moyer:

Thoughts from Jondi on the new Jondi & Spesh release …

Originally posted on J.D. Moyer:


After a somewhat quiet period in terms of new releases, Spesh and I are getting our groove on. This release, Church, is part two of a triptych. Part one was Cycle Three, and Part three (My Kicks) will come out later this summer.

I would say the sound is closer to progressive house than tech house (we released it under the latter), but “progressive” these days means giant builds, 128bpm, bees in a jar sounds (in other words close to what used to be trance, but is now the sound of EMD appreciated by 14-20 year olds). That’s cool, I’m not fighting it, I’m flowing with it!

This one is deep and modern, on the minimalist side. If you like it, please buy it — remember its okay to spend a little money on music even though you can get it for free. ;-)

The excellent remixes come…

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J.D. Moyer:

A reblog from Jondi’s site … here’s to all the incredibly talented young DJ’s and producers trying to make it, and make a difference.

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I recently finished compiling royalty statements for all the artists on Loöq Records, an activity I do twice a year.  Even with the custom database I designed specifically for the task, it’s difficult and takes a long time.  We receive reports from our various distributors — detailed spreadsheets with a row for every iTunes download, streaming music click, mobile ringtone, youtube view, etc.  I import these records into the database, crank the digital wheels, and churn out beautiful, detailed royalty statements for every artist and remixer who has ever had a release on our label (over a hundred different statements, and growing each reporting period).

I love this process — partly because I’m a database nerd, and partly because there are always a few artists in the bunch who receive unexpected, sizable payouts.  It’s fun to share that kind of news.

You may have heard that the music industry…

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